Please also read a related poem 'Worker' by Harpreet Singh


Unknown said...

This is very true its like Raj-Niti voters run but politicians are the prized one, its every where.........Guri you are getting close to be an intillectual via these poems.........I Like your poetry and the subjects you choose

Gurinderjit Singh ( said...

Kahlon Sahib:
Thanks for your visit to my blog. You are seeing your reflection in my poetry. I have realized from your consistent emails to the planners group as well.
Even in corporate environment the words like "collaboration", "leverage" are being misused to "use" someone else's work and take off to the next level. Some of us work very hard like horses and spend our whole life making others successfull. Again being lazy and not being aware of getting used by others is also equally bad.

Thanks for your appreciation.

Anonymous said...

This is brilliant..Having the poetic and expression balance intact..
The comment by Gary made me think of this poem

Gurinderjit Singh ( said...

Hi Jasdeep,
Good to find you back here. The link is not working, although it takes me to the site. Could you let us know the name of the poem?
I read your post on Blogistan in the making!

Mampi said...

Loved the couplets as well as the presentation. I never seem to have such brilliant ideas.